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Papers on Services Trade


folder icon 16 Temporary Entry Regimes
Temporary Entry Regimes in CARIFORUM - Main and Individual Country Reports
folder icon 8 Telecommunication Services
An Assessment of the Telecommunication Services Sector in CARICOM: Convergence Issues at the Regional and International Level.
folder icon 4 Consulting Engineering Services

The Consulting Engineering Services in CARICOM.

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file icon Small Service Suppliers Paperhot! (09/23/2008 ) (Hits: 4970 )
Issues Regarding Small Services Suppliers in the Context of the FTAA
file icon Autonomous Liberalisationhot! (09/23/2008 ) (Hits: 7560 )
A Review of Proposals on Autonomous Liberalisation in Services by Richard L. Bernal
file icon Movement of Natural Personshot! (09/23/2008 ) (Hits: 6628 )
The Movement of Natural Persons: A CARICOM
Report On the CARICOM Construction & Installation Services Sector: Elements For Competitive Strategies by THE COUNCIL OF CARIBBEAN ENGINEERING ORGANISATIONS (CCEO).
WTO and FTAA Services Trade Negotiations: Challenges for Developing Countries with Special Reference to CARICOM
file icon Health Studyhot! (09/23/2008 ) (Hits: 10567 )
Health Tourism and Related Services: Caribbean Development and International Trade by Anthony Peter Gonzales, Logan Brenzel and Jennefer Sancho.
file icon ICT Paperhot! (09/23/2008 ) (Hits: 8271 )
Prospects for CARICOM
Implications for CARICOM Countries of Negotiations on Financial Services in the FTAA and GATS: Assessment and Strategic Options by Dr. Lester Henry.
file icon Services Barriers in Canada and the UShot! (09/23/2008 ) (Hits: 6972 )
Study on Market Access Issues Re the Export of CARICOM Services to Canada and the USA by Dr. Noel Watson.
file icon Tourism and Services Studyhot! (09/23/2008 ) (Hits: 10703 )
Tourism Services Negotiation Issues: Implications for CARIFORUM Countries by Adam Dunlop.
file icon Canada Paperhot! (09/23/2008 ) (Hits: 6713 )
Approaches to Promoting and Protecting Cultural Industries: Lessons from Canada by Pauline Couture.
file icon Europe Paperhot! (09/23/2008 ) (Hits: 6772 )
Market access issues for cultural goods and services in the European Union: another story of luck and burden by Jean-Michel Salmon
file icon Tertiary Education Reporthot! (09/23/2008 ) (Hits: 8445 )
The International Supply of Tertiary Education and Services Trade Negotiations: by Roger Hosein, Tommy Chen, Reanti Singh.
Overview of the Investment Regime in the Dominican Republic: Implications for the CARIFORUM-EU Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) Negotiations by Vilma I. Arbaje.
file icon Final Cultural Industries Reporthot! (09/23/2008 ) (Hits: 18124 )
Cultural Industries Report - The Cultural Industries in CARICOM: Trade and Development Challenges.
file icon Entertainment Services Studyhot! (09/23/2008 ) (Hits: 7129 )
The Negotiation-Related Dimension of Entertainment Services from a Trade-in-Services Perspective by Ms. Allison Demas and Dr. Ralph Henry.
The study Assessment of the Agri-Food Distribution Industry in CARICOM presents new information on the Caribbean agri-food distribution services industry and agri-food markets, such as consumer trends and economic contribution, and provides an analysis of the sector relative to international trends and performance benchmarks. The study outlines the opportunities and challenges of trade in agri-food distribution services as reported by a wide range of industry players and government officials. The study also examines key issues arising from the region's integration process and involvement in international trade negotiations and makes recommendations for domestic and trade policy measures to promote the development and global competitiveness of the sector.