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Latest Negotiating Texts and Reports

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28 January 2010 Communication to the WTO from the G33 Group of countries on the Special Safeguard Mechanism entitled:
file icon Proposal on Preference Erosion Treatmenthot! (01/13/2010 ) (Hits: 11012 )
IntroductionTrade and environment intersect in many ways. Aside from the broad debate as to whether economic growth and trade adversely affect the environment, linkages are recognized between existing rules of the World Trade Organization (WTO) and rules established in various Multilateral Environmental Agreements (MEAs). Controlling greenhouse gas emissions (GHGs) promises to be a top priority for both national and international agendas, and special attention has been given to the relationship between the WTO and the emerging international regime on climate change.
The G-20 is a group of developing countries which came together on 20 August 2003. The G-20 has been a driving force and works towards ambitious reforms of agriculture in developed countries with some flexibility for developing countries, thus working towards protection of interests of poor farmers.There is broad convergence within the G-20 on the issue of special flexibilities for developing countries like lower tariff cuts, longer time limits for implementation. Its technical contributions and its political commitment have helped advance the negotiations towards the common goal of eliminating the trade-distorting policies maintained by developed countries.
file icon WTO General Council Annual Report 2009hot! (11/27/2009 ) (Hits: 1994 )
The present report has been prepared in pursuance of the Procedures for an Annual Overview of WTO Activities and for Reporting under the WTO (WT/L/105), and sets out the actions taken by the General Council in the period since its previous annual report.In carrying out its tasks, the General Council has held six meetings since the period covered by the previous report. The minutes of these meetings, which remain the record of the General Council's work, are contained in documents WT/GC/M/118
file icon Re-Energising Doha hot! (09/09/2009 ) (Hits: 2296 )
file icon Mini-Ministerial Fails hot! (07/30/2008 ) (Hits: 615 )